Experts from Rolls-Royce, SAS and Rainbird give their views

In recent years, developments within AI were already moving as quickly (if not faster) than the ability of regulators, policy-makers and philosophers to absorb and respond to the challenges and opportunities these powerful new tools presented. In the wake of Covid-19 there are now profound questions for how our societies and economies operate; and how best to balance citizens’ rights and national security.

April Six has convened three leading figures from disparate backgrounds within AI and machine learning to give their thoughts on where we are now, what we've learnt and how attitudes to issues of privacy and data ethics will be changed - or not - in the wake of the coronavirus.


  • Caroline Gorski, Group Director, Rolls-Royce / R2 Data Labs

  • Simon Dennis, Director for Future Government and Head of Public Affairs, SAS
  • James Loft, Chief Operating Officer, Rainbird
  • Vernon Hunte, Associate Director, Public Affairs, April Six