Tue, Sep 4, '18

Communicating scientific research is arguably as important as the research itself

Ellie Dobson


The science sector doesn’t get a great deal of attention within the PR and marketing community, but great science communication has never been more valuable. It is the enemy of fake news, and helps the public, politicians and businesses recognise that science funding and education can lead to better, healthier lives for all.

Similarly, not every scientist fully appreciates the importance of the role played by their communications colleagues; but, in my (admittedly biased) opinion, I’ve always felt that communicating scientific research is arguably as important as the research itself. Without raising awareness of new findings and translating their significance for non-scientific audiences, the impact of this research could be significantly hampered.

Exciting new research findings require follow-on studies and it can take many years of support to get discoveries and innovations beyond the lab to have an impact on the wider world. Further research needs more funding and highly-skilled researchers, while translation into real world applications takes demonstrable market demand, motivated entrepreneurs, and sometimes even changes in legislation. Science communication professionals are tasked with helping to generate these essential ingredients so the world can benefit from today’s very brightest minds and have a better understanding of the universe we live in. It’s a truly unique sector in a PR and marketing sense and requires a specialist skillset.

Today sees the launch of SCi25, the first data-led curation of Europe’s most influential science communication professionals, designed to showcase and unite the talented in-house PR and marketing practitioners working to amplify the impact of world-changing scientific organisations.

With SCi25 we want to celebrate the most talented in-house science communication professionals in Europe, and we hope to bring them together in a forum that will help to further this important profession.

To that end, we’re crowd-sourcing nominations from across Europe.

Who is leading the charge in communicating research? Which public engagement campaigns have you been most inspired by? Has your own organisation used innovative techniques to articulate its value to policymakers or your local community? Nominations of all shapes and sizes are welcome.

Nominated organisations will be assessed in terms of their communications success against a bespoke data-driven scoring system, developed by our measurement and evaluation experts at AprilSix Proof. PR measurement has long been one of the industry’s biggest challenges, so for SCi25 we’re making the most of the tools and techniques that are setting the latest standards in best practice. We’re really proud to be partnering with Signal Media, for example, whose artificial intelligence-based monitoring software is powering our model.

The organisations topping the list will then be invited to put forward the individual who led on their communications success, who will be welcomed to join the SCi25 community.

We’ve created SCi25 to encourage community and collaboration, which is why we’re inviting everyone to have their say right from the off through the nomination process. We really hope you’ll be a part of it.

Nominate now


You can also join our growing community on Twitter by following @SCi25_EU and sharing your own knowledge and ideas with the hashtag #SCi25. See you there!